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Why Island is the Premium Standing Desk?

Discover Fenge's newly upgraded standing desk - Island, crafted with a robust 1" thick MDF desktop and an aviation-grade strong steel desk frame. Designed for enhanced stability and durability, this desk is built to last. And, we use 100% recyclable packaged materials, upgrading your workspace with confidence and sustainability.

Design Inspiration

We aim to offer people a standing desk that is fast, stable, durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, with a wider height adjustable range. The Island is intended to be a universal electric height adjustable desk for people who work from home and in the office. Every family member or office colleague can use this office desk to promote better posture.


We have equipped the premium standing desk with two motors to provide it with more power. As a result, we successfully achieved a speed of 80mm/s, much faster than normal standing desks in the market, which usually offer 40mm/s. While the speed also depends on the load, we made the decision to have a load capability of 176 lbs based on our research, which we believe is sufficient for most desk setups. It's worth mentioning that the motor is TUV Certified and can run over 60,000 times.


To enhance the stability of the standing desk, we utilize aviation-grade steel for the desk frame. Additionally, we have thicker legs compared to other desks, with a width of 25mm, while others typically have 15mm legs. The T-structure of the frame and the triangle metal connector between the beam and the leg further contribute to its stability.


We have carefully selected the best materials that are suitable for a standing desk to ensure its durability. The commercial-grade steel material used for the desk frame and the 1” MDF desktop make this desk more robust than others. The desktop is made of scratch-resistant melamine plate, making it easy to clean and maintain.


The Island comes with an advanced LED paddle keypad for better operation and functionality. It allows for one-touch height adjustment to two saved heights through a double tap up or down feature. The intuitive no-look operation, lift up or push down, is a must-have for this premium keypad. The desk also includes six functionalities: Height Memory, Sedentary Reminder (Vibration mode is available), Child Lock, Min & Max Heights, and Unit Conversion (change the displayed unit as your preference). Additionally, the 3-stage leg design widens the height range from 24.4” to 50”.


As a Fenge fan, you may already be familiar with our commitment to interior aesthetics. For the Island, we made a slight change to the desktop shape, adding a groove in the front and back for a better user experience. The back groove serves as a cable management tray to avoid the need for eye-catching black or white grommet holes. We wanted the desktop to be a beautiful and seamless piece. The front groove is designed to bring users closer to their monitors within a proper distance to prevent involuntary body leaning forward, which could be harmful to their back and neck. The curved and chamfered edges of the desktop add to its aesthetics and comfort.

For the desk frame, we have ensured a seamless appearance with no visible holes. With all these design elements, we want the entire standing desk to look coordinated, beautiful, and attractive.

The Name - Island

The standing desk is named Island because it symbolizes an island in the ocean - beautiful, tranquil, full of possibilities, and strong enough to withstand huge waves.

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