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Standing Desk Piano Wood

$239 Regular price $319
Size Find your size ? 55" x 28“
  • Smooth height adjustment relieves back and neck pain.
  • Elevate monitor for better posture.
  • 135-degree ramp for phones and tablets.
  • Programmable LED keypad with USB charger.
  • Hollow metal bevel design for heat dissipation and cable management.

Drawing inspiration from piano music racks, this standing desk seamlessly combines functionality with artistic elegance. The harmonious fusion of metal and wood creates a unique and refreshing aesthetic, making it a functional furniture piece that doubles as stunning art decor.

SGS, UL 962 Listed, UL Certificated of 60950 Standard, and TUV Rheinland

Desktop | 1-year Limited Warranty
Desk Motor | 5-year Limited Warranty

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UL Certified

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SGS Certified

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TUV Rheinland

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Standing Desk Piano Wood

$239 Regular price $319

Functional. Aesthetic.

Inspired by a Piano, this electric desk is now becoming a piece of ergonomic art.

-Designed by Fenge

piano standing desk design hand draw
piano standing desk design hand draw

Why Ergonomic?

Ergonomic Reading Angle

A Reading Desk Too

Our metal stand draws inspiration from the graceful design of piano music racks, combining their aesthetic charm with comparable reading support.

Rigorously tested at a precise 135-degree angle, it excels in both standing and sitting scenarios, making it an ideal choice for reading. Picture yourself at your standing desk, glancing downwards to catch the contents of your phone screen effortlessly displayed.

A reading stand proved more efficacious in alleviating cervical discomfort compared to using a phone with a head-down posture.

hand draw the benefit of standing desk

Raise your monitors

Prevent Hunching or Slouching

The top shelf lifts your monitors by 3.5" to eye level. This means no more straining your neck by looking down, which can lead to better posture.

Maintaining the right viewing height promotes better posture during those long hours at the computer. Your back and shoulders will thank you!

Optimize Your Workspace

Enhanced productivity and comfort

Smoothly transit from sitting to standing.Our electric desk help you to improve posture and reduced back pain.

Wide elevation range of 28.7" to 48.4", Catering to heights ranging from 4.9 to 6.2 Feet.

Enhanced stability achieved through upgraded 75x45mm desk legs, Distinguishing themselves from the other 60x45mm 2-stage steel prevalent in the market.

Preset height levels

One-touch to adjust heights

Our smart keypad presets 3 height levels, effectively catering to the requirements of everyday usage. The adjustment process merely requires a gentle press, negating the necessity for prolonged up and down button activation.

The digital display impeccably presents height fluctuations in centimeters, with accuracy extended to tenths place.

The keypad encompasses a concealed USB charging port, obviating the requirement for an external charging module.

portrait worker near metalworking machine

Triple the Confidence

Power motor use to last

Seamlessly transition between heights with minimal noise and vibrations, maintaining your focus.

With a 176 lbs load capacity, accommodate monitors, printers, and cabinets effortlessly.

Certified by UL, SGS, and TUV, tested over 60,000 cycles. Our motor ensures safety and endurance.

More Details

Elevate your productivity by organizing your ideas with easy-to-reach sticky notes or magnets.

Stay organized with built-in cable holes for easy phone charging and cable concealment.

Why Fenge Stands Out?

standing desk piano desktop dimension

Piano Top

Desktop width: 47.2" / 55.1"

Deskop depth: 28.9"

Toper desktop depth: 9.3"

Lower desktop depth: 15.7"

Top Thickness: 0.7"

Corner: Round

Material: MDF+Metal

Color: Black, Oak, Wood, Walnut, White

standing desk piano frame dimension

Piano Frame

Motor Type: Single-motor

Leg Type: 2-Stage Steel

Material: SPCC Steel

Height Range (Without Top): 28.7"-48.4"

Height Range (With Top): 32.2"-51.9"

Lifting Speed: 1.0"/sec

Lifting Capacity: 176lbs

Operating Noise: <49db

Outlet Voltage: 110-240V

standing desk piano keypad

Piano Keypad

Memory Setting: Yes

USB Charging Port: Yes

LED Digital Display: Yes

standing desk piano parcel

Piano Parcel

Size: 47" / 55"

Dimensions: 52" x 21" x 8" / 60" x 21" x 8"

Shipping Weight: 73 lbs / 79 lbs

Shipping Package: One Pack

Ship Via: FedEx Ground


Need Help With Installation?

At Fenge, we understand that assembling some products can be a bit challenging, and we want to ensure that you have a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. Please contact us if you need any help with the assembly process.


Is the top shelf big enough for dual monitors?

Yes. Piano have 2 sizes. 48" and 55" both have enough spaces to hold 2 monitors. 

Is there a hole for keyboard wires?

Yes. You can use the top holes hide away cables and power strips.

Is there a USB port on the control panel of this electric desk?

Yes. The keypad have one USB port on the left.

Does the keypad have an screen?

Yes. The keypad have an screen to show the Height data.

Does the Piano have a bounce function?

Yes. The desk rebound on resistance.

Is the desk low noise?

Yes, under 49db. Sounds like a refrigerator working noise.

Piano Setups

white piano standing desk in home
white piano standing desk in home
white piano lift up desk in home
white piano standing desk in home
black piano standing desk in home
black piano standing desk in home

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Manny A.
The best piano stand ever

I know many use this for a desk but i use it as a piano stand. I have a Yamaha MODX8 and it’s perfect for changing from sitting position to standing position while I practice. I LOVE IT

Andrew N.
Great purchase!

Love it, and works great, and also a great design!

Pamela M.
Love it!

Love this. Lots of sturd, very solid, just the thing! The downside is the directions. They were awful. Nothing was numbered or lettered correctly, the drawings were vague and poorly drawn. We eventually tossed them aside and put it together without. Great desk overall!

Love it

I really love the structure of this desk with two levels, especially when working from a laptop, this helps the screen stay up at eye level. I can also have more on the desk with it feeling cluttered. Honestly don't know why I'd ever go back to a flat desk.
This was also easier to put together than the other standing desk I've used, feels nice and sturdy.

Nathan B.
nicely packaged

This item was exceptionally well-packaged, and it arrived in absolutely perfect condition.

Ships within 2 business days.


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