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What sets the Fenge Desk Shelf Shell apart?

It's large, stylish, versatile, and sturdy.

At Fenge, we view this desk shelf as more than just furniture. It's a decorative piece that enhances your interior design while creating a cozy and healthy workspace, especially for those working from home. Our design team dedicated extensive time to seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, resulting in a resounding success.

The desk shelf has a slim profile with two distinct colors. White exudes modern elegance, while black offers a bold and stylish look. Choose the color that suits your space best when placing the Fenge Desk Shelf on your desk.

Functionality-wise, the Fenge Desk Shelf Shell goes beyond the conventional. In addition to elevating your monitors and providing storage underneath, it boasts several upgraded design elements.

Firstly, it's large, measuring 42.5" in width, capable of accommodating two monitors. If you don't have two monitors, it's ideal for displaying greenery or cherished photos beside your monitor.

Secondly, there's a cubicle in the middle beneath the desk shelf, acting as an open drawer. It allows you to stash or organize items you prefer to keep out of sight while remaining easily accessible. The middle cubicle adds stability to the desk shelf, thanks to its length.

Thirdly, notice how the two-tier desk shelf boards are staggered vertically. The top board has a shallower depth than the lower one, providing a convenient place to lean your phone or tablet at an ergonomic angle for optimal reading.

Lastly, there's a hidden feature that often goes unnoticed—a small groove on the back of the top board. This groove is designed for cable management, allowing you to keep your cables neatly tucked away.

In summary, the Fenge Desk Shelf Shell is a large, stylish, versatile, and sturdy addition to your workspace. We believe there are even more features waiting to be discovered. It's time for you to explore the best of this stylish piece. Don't hesitate to share your experiences with us.

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