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Why you need FENGE Standing Desks?

A height adjustable electric desk that can change the traditional way of working.

The best thing about adjustable standing desks is that you can change the height of the desk according to your own requirements.

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk is a new type of desk that can adjust its height with metal adjustable legs. It allows you to transit from sitting to standing while you are in front of the desk. It benefits your health a lot from long time sitting, especially for your back and neck.

The benefits for using an Ergonomic Standing Desk

1. Helps Improve Health: A standing desk encourages people to spend more time standing, and it makes the move from sitting to standing easier, so it is a relief for back and neck pain caused by sedentary sitting.

2. It Helps with Posture: Prolonged sitting can result in poor posture and body pains. Incorporating a standing desk in your workspace can help you to reach a standing&sitting balance, so as to maintain a good and ergonomic posture.

3. Improved Productivity: A pain-free body equates to fewer absences at work and more time and energy to devote to finish tasks.

4. Increase Your Flexibility: When you work in a standing position, your body is constantly in motion. That's because your entire body is involved, from your feet to your back, neck and shoulder. By working in a standing position, you also reduce the risk of physical problems such as headaches and back and neck pain in the short and long term. However, standing all day is not the answer either - the best solution is to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. A standing desk encourages you to do this.

How about interior design?

Do you designed your own space in a way you like? And you need a furniture that matches your style for WFH space? Here comes the solution. We prepared 5 colors for our standing desks and you could always find the best color to suit your room. What's more, the standing desks are of unique design. They are different from the traditional standing desk with only 2 metal legs and a desktop. Fenge team really work hard to provide you with sleek design without sacrificing any functionality. Combining ergonomic with aesthetics is always our goal.


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